You Wear Your Diamonds Where?

You Wear Your Diamonds Where?

Monday, 11 March 2013 15:55 by stonechicky

Where are you planning to put those diamonds? (Credit: Israel Diamond Institute)

Aesthetic diamonds serve two purposes: to make you ooh and aah at how pretty they are - and how pretty you look when you're wearing them - and to demonstrate your stable financial standing. For the second condition to be satisfied, the polished diamonds must be worn somewhere visible: your finger, wrist, neckline, earlobes, anklet -- anywhere clothes don't cover up. But now a new trend has emerged that dispenses with any outward exhibitions of wealth, using crystals to decorate parts of the body that are ordinarily kept from public view and only shown to one's most intimate confidantes. I'm talking about jewelry for your genitals, commonly called vajazzling (and pejazzling).

I'm not going to upload any images of prettified pubic areas to this website – if you got to this blog, then you all know how to use google. And I'm certainly not here to promote the practice – though if you do decide to decorate your private parts, I highly recommend that you see a professional vajazzler – don't do this at home, folks!

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