From Diamond Mouses to Diamond Purses – Most Expensive Luxuries

From Diamond Mouses to Diamond Purses – Most Expensive Luxuries

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 08:14 by Roe Kalb

The hit TV series "Sex and the City" was panned for promoting conspicuous consumerism, but Carries, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda's penchant for $500 shoes and Cosmopolitans seems positively modest compared to some of these luxury items, which range from $55,000 nail polish to a $2 million diamond-studded purse. Move over, Prada bags – you've got competition!

Most expensive scarf - $720


According to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a towel is the single most important travel accessory. What would the book whose front cover bears the legend "Don't Panic" advise someone who lost not a towel, but the most expensive scarf in the world? Hermes has been producing luxury scarves since 1937. The least expensive will set a customer back $260, but a Hermes giant dip-dyed silk scarf sells for nearly three times that - $720.


Most expensive sport bra - $1,850


Knight & Hammer manufactures the Trenta Bra – a functional sports bra from breathable fabric whose neckline is embellished with black diamond Swarovski crystals. As if that weren't enough, the bra comes with detachable sterling silver jewelry that can be worn as a single long necklace or as a necklace-and-bracelet set. The sports bra is available in sizes XS to XL and retails online for $1,850.

Most expensive computer mouse – $24,300


You might want to wash the sticky bun remains off your mouse hand before sitting down to surf the net with the world's most expensive mouse. The computer accessory comes in either white or yellow gold and features 59 brilliant cut diamonds set in the Diamond Flower or Scattered Diamond design. The diamond mouse sells for $24,300.

Most Expensive cocktail - £27,000


The restaurant business abounds with stories of diners accidentally swallowing rings, but doing that with this cocktail would be a faux pas of the first magnitude. The Dazzle – created by Harvey Nichols in Manchester – comes with the customer's choice of diamond rings. It includes £27,000 engagement ring with a two-carat diamond.

Most expensive Android – $49,500


Unlike Apple's iPhone, the Android isn't exclusive to a single hardware manufacturer, allowing luxury Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin to produce the Android Chairman luxury smart phone, which starts at a comparatively modest $12,800 and can cost up to $49,500, depending on the model. 

Most Expensive nail polish – $55,000


"I Do"… want my nails to look their best, most women would say. Enough to spend upwards of $250 on a bottle of platinum nail polish? I Do polish was the product of a collaborative effort by Allure magazine, Essie Cosmetics, the Platinum Guild International, and UK platinum supplier Johnson Matthey. The polish, which made its debut at the appropriately glitzy venue JCK-Las Vegas in 2005, is also sold in a platinum bottle. The deluxe version can be had for $55,000.

Most expensive lipstick – $58,000


Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Or & Diamonds is a yellow gold lipstick case that sparkles with 199 diamonds. The case can carry 15 lipstick colors. If the idea of diamond lipstick has you smacking your lips in anticipation, a visit to Maisons Guerlain in Paris or Bergdorf Goodman in New York will secure the world's most expensive lipstick – for a price. Kiss Kiss Or & Diamonds will set you back €45,000 ($58,000).

The most expensive belt – $249,000



Belts worth a quarter million dollars are usually found in the ring after a prize fight, but Goldstriker International and UK designer Stuart Hughes worked together to modify a Gucci belt for an anonymous client. The Gucci buckle was replaced with one of platinum, set with 30 carats of diamonds next to the "G." The belt sold for $249,000.

Most expensive jeans - $250,000


Levi Strauss might be awed to see how his legacy – denim work trousers – has turned into a highly coveted fashion item. Expensive jeans – at over $200 per pair as opposed to $40 or $50 – became a prominent trend earlier this decade. Gucci Genius feathered, beaded, and ripped jeans are listed as the most expensive off-the-rack denim ($3,134) and Escada jeans studded with Swarovski crystals fetched $10,000. But Dussault Apparel has upped the ante considerably with its Trashed Denim jeans, which sell for $250,000 – at Dussault's Los Angeles store or at Kustom in NYC. Wondering why they're so pricey? The jeans come with wallet chains made from 18K gold, colored diamonds, and rubies.  By the way, only two pair of these jeans have been made.

Most expensive perfume – $260,000


Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian is sold in a crystal bottle decorated with a five-carat diamond and 18-carat gold. If you can get past the bottle's wow factor, you'll discover a scent with notes of bergamot, white peach, sandalwood, and Indian jasmine. Only two stores – Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York – carry the extremely limited edition perfume, which sells for €200.000 (nearly $259,000). Only 10 people currently own bottles of Imperial Majesty.

Most expensive bikes – $500,000


Butterflies may be free, but this Trek Madone bicycle is certainly not. In honor of champion cyclist Lance Armstrong's return to the sport, artist Damien Hirst decorated the Madone with wings taken from hundreds of real butterflies. The "Butterfly" Madone sold for $500,000 at the Bikes of Stages auction to become the most expensive bike in the world.
Most expensive purse - $2,000,000


"It" bags have been the must-have fashion item for several seasons, with women registering for waiting lists and willing to shell out anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 and up for a creation from their favorite designer. Japanese jewelers Ginza Tanaka have created the world's most expensive purse – a carrier made of platinum and set with more than 2,000 diamonds of a total weight of 208 carats. Jewelry shop Nicholas James is selling the ultimate "It" bag for £1 million – nearly $2 million.

Most expensive shoes – $2,000,000


It would have cost Cinderella a pretty penny to leave one of these behind at the ball. The Cinderella Slipper by Stuart Weizman sparkle with 595 carats of diamonds set in platinum. The stiletto slippers, with their relatively modest 4 and a half inch heels, sell for $2 million. Why would any prince go to the effort of returning one?

Most expensive diamond – $350,000,000


The world's most expensive diamond is not for sale. The Hope Diamond, a 45.52 carat blue diamond, rumored to be cursed, can be seen – but not purchased – at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Hope Diamond is valued at $350,000,000.

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