Diamonds Are Forever – Thanks To Tattoos

Diamonds Are Forever – Thanks To Tattoos

Thursday, 27 December 2012 08:03 by stonechicky

Interesting diamond industry characters (Credit: Israel Diamond Institute)

In recent years, the phenomenon of tattoos, once relegated to sailors and other toughs, has crept into mainstream culture. It's no longer uncommon to see a young mother pushing a pram to the park, sporting an entire sleeve of ink art. In fact, this is a source of frustration to some tattooed traditionalists, who wish it was still a sign of rebellion and rejection of middle-class values to turn one's epidermis into a graphic canvas. But that will never again be the case, as long as fourteen-year-olds can get butterflies and dolphins inscribed on their ankles and injected into their shoulder blades, without parental permission.

But the Hindustan Times now reports that recently there has been an increasing demand in India for tattoo replicas of polished diamond jewelry. Instead of shelling out the cash for actual earrings or necklaces, more and more Indians are getting tattoo versions. One artist says that every other day he tattoos a customer's flesh with a 3-D wedding band! Well, I guess the upside of this new trend is that there will be fewer couples distraught over engagement rings that slip off and get lost.

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